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How to eat your

Christmas Tree


The 'How to eat your Christmas tree' supper club ran every year (apart from the pandemicky ones) in the winter from December 2015 - January 2023 in various locations across London. Julia will no longer be serving up trees every January, but the cookbook continues to be sold in all good bookshops.

Here is the menu for the last ever dinner:

MENU 2023



Olives are the OG Christmas tree, symbolising steadfastedness and resilience in harsh (in this

case hot and dry) environments.


Olives stuffed w/garlic, deep fried w/juniper aioli


2. FIR

Fir trees are the more popular Christmas tree choice in the UK and they taste spectacular,

with a grassy, zesty avour.


Carrot r-lox (v) w/beetroot sauce OR chalk-stream cured trout w/beetroot and r

both served w/r apple pickles, horseradish, rye bread from Hearth Bakery (v)



Bamboo is one of the 'three friends of winter,' - this trio represents, culturally, a similar group of

trees to conifers in Chinese, Korean and Japanese folklore. Bamboo is a symbol of resilience,

much like the Christmas tree and would make a more sustainable Christmas tree option as it

grows much faster than a conifer!


Stir-fried forest mushrooms, bamboo shoots, crispy kale, miso mayo (v)



Juniper looks an awful lot like its cousins, the pine, the fir and the spruce, but a bit more wild

and much faster growing. It would be a great eco-friendly option for a Christmas tree.


Juniper/rosemary cauliower, brussel sprouts & chestnuts (v) OR

Juniper/rosemary poussin, pancetta & chestnuts


both roasted w/dried apricots and almonds, served on potato & celeriac gratin



Spruce is by far the most delicious of all the Christmas trees. Their needles and buds have a very

strong, floral flavour.


Spruce & ginger ice cream, ginger biscuit



Along with the olive pines are one of the OG Christmas trees, having been associated with

everlasting life for centuries. Hang up an olive branch around the home to celebrate Christmas instead!


Pinenut chocolate fudge brownie (v) served w/pinenut brittle & white pine tea (v)



Plucky plums are part of the 'three friends of winter,' along with the pine and the bamboo. They

stand for hope and perseverance, just like the Christmas tree.

Witheridge hay-wrapped cheese (vg) OR faux-brie (v)

Pickled Italian plum, plum & fir membrillo, cheese biscuits (all v)


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