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How to eat your

Christmas Tree

Here is ​a list of press that the cookbook and supper club have received since

the 'How to eat your Christmas tree' project started in winter 2015. 


Veir Magazine, December 2022

'Cooking the Books' with Gilly Smith, December 2021

'Christmas Past' with Brian Earl, January 2021

'Cookery by the Book' with Suzy ChaseDecember 2020

Online Articles

The Washington Post, January 2023

The Guardian, December 2022

BR24 Germany, December 2021

Terramotto Portugal, December 2021

Atlas Obscura, December 2021

The Financial Times UK, December 2021

SZ Magazine Germany, December 2021

Zeit Online Germany, December 2021

The Wall Street Journal, December 2020

The New York Times, December 2020

The Modern Farmer, December 2020 

Smithsonian Magazine, December 2020

The Telegraph UK, December 2020

The Independent UK, December 2020

The Food Network, December 2020 

Under the Christmas Tree, November 2020

BBC News, January 2019

Time Out London,  December 2016 - 2019

The Leytonstoner, December 2018

Jellied Eel, December 2018

Mould Magazine, January 2016

The Daily Mail, January 2016

Vice Munchies, December 2015

In Print


The Observer, December 2022

The Financial Times, December 2021

The Sunday Times, UK January 2021

The New York Times, December 2020

The Food Network Magazine, December 2020

Eurostar Magazine, December 2018

Time Out Magazine London, December 2015 - 2018


The Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2, January 2023

CBC Radio, January 2023

The World USA, January 2022

KJZZ Public Radio USA, December 2021

BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live UK, January 2021

BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live UK, January 2020

NPR Interview USA, January 2021

Radio Kiro Interview USA, January 2021

CBC Radio Calgary, January 2021 

 BBC 5 Live BBC Cumbria, BBC Scotland, BBC Stoke, BBC Somerset, BBC Wales, BBC WM and BBC Worcester, BBC Berkshire, BBC Bristol, BBC Gloucestershire, BBC WM and BBC Worcester

between 2019 - 2023

Heart Radio, January 2019 & January 2020

Talk Radio, January 2019

Sunday Brunch, Monocle Radio 24, January 2018

Television & Video

Channel 5 news UK, 6th January 2021

Artefact Magazine video interview, January 2017

ITV news UK, 6th January 2016

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