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How to eat your

Christmas Tree

'How to eat your Christmas Tree' Cookbook

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Evergreen trees are pillars of the winter – through extreme temperatures across the most bitter terrains, they stand tall and thriving, resilient in the face adversity. However, as the festive season draws to a close, these comforting conifers can often be found lining the streets, cast off and disused with wilted branches dotted across dustbins. The 'How to Eat Your Christmas Tree' explores the unsung edible heroes of our forests – the humble Christmas trees and their evergreen friends. Featuring recipes for ferments and preserves, feasts, sweet treats and drinks, you will learn how to extend the life of your beloved Christmas tree and turn them into delectable delights to enjoy throughout the year. From simple ideas such as infusions with pine needles to more lavish spreads such as a decadent fir-cured fish, 'How to Eat Your Christmas Tree' is a refreshing and innovative cookbook that encourages you to think about food waste and to be more resourceful in an age of deforestation and climate crisis.

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